Kathmandu Became the Best Tourist Destinations at 19th Position Among 25 Places

Patan Durbar Square


The capital city of Nepal Kathmandu has been listed as the world’s best tourist destinations. The world famous online travel Trip Advisor had been published on Tuesday March 23, 25 best destinations of the world, among them Kathmandu getting 19th position. These destinations are selected based on a review of tourists around the world have visited the trip advisor public works excellent destinations. Millions of the world’s best destinations for tourists as pointing to visit Kathmandu have even recommended.

Historical, religious, cultural, including any of the various parties has been able to win the hearts of tourists Kathmandu. Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Nepal Chapter program, Finance Minister, Ram Sharan Mahat was claiming to be the capital of Kathmandu tourism in South Asia. Trip advisor list of tourist centre of Kathmandu was confirmed in South Asia not only has the world. Kathmandu tourists historical landmarks, the old monastery, temple, a beautiful valley surrounded by art cultural heritage around the high dam dale are portrayed as. Kathmandu is also culturally rich city in the world. The Kathmandu is also known as temples of Kathmandu. Marrakech, Morocco became the world number one best tourist destination palce in 2015 by Trip Advisor survey.

The list of 25 number of Best Tourist Destination in 2015 of the World prepared by Trip Advisor. 

  1. MARRAKECH, MOROCCO१) मराकेच, मोरक्को
  2. SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA२) सिम रिप, कम्बोडिया
  3. ISTANBUL, TURKEY३) इस्तानबुल, टर्की
  4. HANOI, VIETNAM४) हानोइ, भियतनाम
  5. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC५) पाराग्वे, चेक रिपब्लिक
  6. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM६) लन्डन, युनाइटेड किङडम
  7. ROME, ITALY ७) रोम, इटाली
  8. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA ८) ब्युनोस एरिज, अर्जेन्टिना
  9. PARIS, FRANCE ९) पेरिस, फ्रान्स
  10. CAPE TOWN CENTRAL, SOUTH AFRICA १०) केप टाउन सेन्ट्रल, साउथ अफ्रिका
  11. NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES ११) न्यूयोर्क सिटी, अमेरिका
  12. ZERMATT, SWITZERLAND१२) जरमाट, स्वीट्जरल्यान्ड
  13. BARCELONA, SPAIN१३) बार्सिलोना, स्पेन
  14. GOREME, TURKEY १४) गोरेमे, टर्की
  15. UBUD, INDONESIA१५) युबुद, इन्डोनेसिया
  16. CUSCO, PERU १७) सेन्ट पिटर्सवर्ग, रसिया
  17. ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA १७) सेन्ट पिटर्सवर्ग, रसिया
  18. BANGKOK, THAILAND१८) बैंकक, थाइल्यान्ड
  19. KATHMANDU, NEPALकाठमाडौं, नेपाल
  20. ATHENS, GREECEBeautiful view of ancient Acropolis, Athens, Greece
  21. BUDAPEST, HUNGARY २१) बुडापेष्ट, हङ्गेरी
  22. QUEENSTOWN, NEW ZEALAND३) हङकङ, चीन
  23. HONG KONG, CHINA३) हङकङ, चीन
  24. DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES२४) दुबई, यूनाइटेड अरब इमिरेट्स
  25. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA२५ सिड्नी, अष्ट्रेलिया

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